Ms. Ashlee Delventhal, C.M., C.E.M.

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Tidal Basin


Ashlee is a leader in the emergency management industry, with a passion for supporting communities, businesses, and organizations in disaster preparedness. She is experienced in a broad range of functions, with her specialties lying in aviation and transportation, catastrophic planning, mass evacuation and sheltering, mass casualty, and large-scale special event and venue planning. Ashlee holds a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management and a Master of Science in Applied Aviation Safety. She currently serves as Director of Preparedness, Resiliency, and Emergency Management for Tidal Basin Government Consulting. Prior to joining Tidal Basin, Ashlee was the Assistant Director of Emergency Management at Denver International Airport. Here, she was responsible for airport preparedness programs for airport staff and partners. Ashlee led a team responsible facilitating 30 -40 exercises per year. She also developed the airport’s improvement planning and tracking process for lessons learned following exercises and real life events. Ashlee formed the airport’s first emergency working group which was a catalyst for airport and airline emergency coordination and family assistance planning.

Ashlee also worked as Deputy Planning Section Chief for the New Orleans Office of Emergency Preparedness, where she worked extensively in evacuation planning for the City’s 30,000+ citizens with limited means of transportation, including those with medical needs. Additionally, Ashlee led the Planning section for all disasters and major special events. In addition, Ashlee was responsible for all employee and facility emergency management and continuity plans for three FEMA facilities and over 700 employees in Louisiana while working with the FEMA Long Term Recovery Office in New Orleans. Ashlee began her career with the American Red Cross in Southeast Louisiana where she served as a lead in planning and activating the largest evacuation and sheltering operation at the time in response to Hurricane Ivan in 2004. She then led the American Red Cross response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, far surpassing the Ivan response. She also spent time working for the organization in Utah and Arizona during her over 6 six years with the organization.