Major Nathaniel Swann, MS, ATP

224th Military Intelligence Battalion

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224th Military Intelligence Battalion

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Enthusiastic strategic organizational leader who brings expertise in big-idea innovation, value creation, and effective integration; with crisis and executive management skills into any organization. Throughout my 20+ years of military experience and civilian education in aerospace, logistics, and executive leadership, I am the executive that your organization needs to get a project completed on time and budget. When the chips are down, I am the leader you can count on to get the job done and make it profitable.

I have always sought to be an integrated teammate and a trusted confidant in any organization I have been a member of. I am an honest broker and candid communicator. I pride myself in giving the best advice to support the long-term success of the organization. I develop, plan, and execute from facts and experience; versus hopes and wishes. I am an intuitive master of assessing and taking prudent risks.

I am a unwavering optimist, even in the darkest times, and have always believed that value creation starts with the successful mentorship, career development, and leadership of the people within the organization, working together as a team. Autonomy, Affiliation, Appreciation, Status, and Role are all tools in my toolbox of helping get the best out of those who work with, not for, me.

I have a fascination with strategy, big picture thinking, and new concept development. From this I enjoy working in dynamically changing, fast-pace environments, requiring great trust to accomplish highly sensitive operations, with high risk high reward stakes, and always achieve even greater than expected returns.

My goals have always been to empower others through service to them, the military, and my nation. There is no greater calling than faithful service to another. I cannot wait to hear from you and help you meet your expectations and provide the same Empowered Servant Leadership to your organization!