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Innovative planner, specializing in revenue enhancement and development, facility optimization, and program and project management to maximize passenger satisfaction and spend within the transportation industry. Over two decades of planning and management experience for airports of all sizes. Experience working within government agencies to implement major structural and contractual changes to airports. Project management for major planning effort as well as overseeing commercial contracts which produced revenue of over $100 million annually. Preparation of solicitations and management of solicitation processes to ensure that they were competed in a fair and open manner. Responsible for the complete transition of a concession program at a large-hub airport, including facility planning based on demand analyses, analysis to find the optimal concession management methodology, obtaining approval from governmental agencies, developing the solicitation and draft contract, organizing and chairing the pre-response meeting, answering questions from potential bidders, serving as an adviser to the selection committee, participated in contract negotiations, providing support to airport senior management to gain approval of the contract from the State government, and supervising the transition, including construction of all new shops and restaurants. Participated in annual budgeting efforts for both operational management and capital development needs.

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