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Understanding the difference between narrative essay and descriptive essay writing

Students know the importance of academic writing. They know the fact that it is the last resort for them to survive their educational career. Their teachers assign them a large number of essays on various topics. Some students understand the importance of paper writing and hence, take a deep interest in it. In contrast, a few students consider essay writing a tedious and overwhelming job. Such students fret out whenever they have to write lengthy essays.

It is expedient to mention here that a student who lacks writing skills often asks others to college essay. As a result, he looks forward to an essay writing service. Well, such a student, as mentioned earlier, has to raise their writing skills to a great extent. Another reason due to which students ask others to complete their essay writing assignments is that they don't understand the difference between two different essays. 

For instance, students often mingle the concepts of Narrative essay and Descriptive essay. There is a thin line that differentiates both essays from each other. So, let us throw light on subtle differences between both essay types.

What Narrative essay writing demands?

It is a genre of essay writing. It has a great unique importance in academic institutes. It requires an essay writer to weave a story of an event or situation experienced by a writer. If you're a newbie university student, you may struggle to write this essay. Compiling this essay is not as simple as ABC. It demands a writer to highlight all the characters that play an important role in the event. 

Moreover, a student has to draw a clear picture of the scene by involving sensory details. Moreover, you have to add the climax and conclusion as well. The climax must be sensationalized in a way that a reader goes deeper and deeper into the story.

Writing concluding remarks in narrative essay writing is a crucial part. It urges you to convey a strong message in the custom college essays. If a reader imagines that he was there when the event occurred, it means you've fulfilled the requirement of Narrative essay writing.

There is one more important thing that all students have to remember while writing this essay. The essay must be written in chronological order. So, you must follow the time frame while 

compiling this essay.

What are the requirements of Descriptive essay writing?

It is a particular genre of essay writing that demands you to describe the subject in the topic significantly. It is related to a thing, place, or person. A thing doesn't need to be expensive. A place or a person related to the topic doesn't need to be famous. Instead, the subject may be related to an ordinary thing like a house, a standard place like a riverside, a typical person like a grandfather, etc. 

Preference must be given in involving sensory details to the text. It includes a sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. A writer has to follow neither the time frame nor the chronological order to explain the subject. The content of the essay revolves around only the main character of the topic. This genre of essay involves a description of the subject, so there is no involvement of the climax in the text.

A descriptive essay is not merely about telling the subject of the topic; rather, it's about showing a college essay examples picture of it. If a reader feels that he has actually experienced that thing, met a person, or visited that place, you have fulfilled the aim of writing this essay.

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