Mentor Match FAQs

Mentor Match Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mentor Match?
The AAAE Mentor Match program helps to establish mentoring relationships between airport industry professionals (mentors) who are willing to share their expertise with colleagues, young professionals, and students (mentees) looking for career guidance in the airport industry.  Mentors may enroll at any time throughout the year.  Mentee enrollment is limited to the time period noted on the mentoring enrollment page.

Is there a fee associated with using Mentor Match?
Mentor Match is a benefit of membership and is available only to members. There is no extra charge to use this resource.

How are Mentors and Mentees matched?
Members must first enroll as a Mentor or Mentee. During the enrollment process, members will select preferences for various demographics to establish their personal criteria.  AAAE will then send out a list of mentors for mentees to search and find a good match.


Can I have more than one Mentee?
While there is no limit to the number of mentoring relationships you can establish, we recommend that you be judicious in selecting only Mentees who are most suited to learn from your expertise and experience.

Who are the Mentees?
Mentees are other AAAE members interested in learning from you to help support their careers.

How will I know if a Mentee has selected me as their Mentor?
You will receive an e-mail from AAAE with the Mentee's request for you to be their Mentor. At that time, you will be instructed to respond to AAAE with your acceptance or rejection of the request by a set deadline.

Am I qualified to be a Mentor?
Almost anyone with experience in their field can be a mentor.  Once you're matched, you should be sure to fill out your Hub profile with information about yourself; respond to inquiries from AAAE staff; complete the First Call and Sample Agenda (included in the AAAE Mentor Handbook) with your Mentee; and commit to focused conversations that provide insight and understanding to benefit a Mentee's professional growth.

What are the expectations for participating Mentors?
We expect that you will fulfill your commitment to develop at least one mentoring relationship. We expect you to respond to initial requests from Mentees in a timely manner, and that you communicate with your Mentee(s) as agreed upon by both you and your Mentee(s).

How much time will I need to invest as a Mentor?
We recommend that you and your Mentees agree on a schedule that works best for both of you. The most important thing is to discuss your mutual expectations about time and communication at the start of your relationship. Keep in mind that mentoring doesn’t necessarily require large amounts of your time. Even brief phone calls or e-mail exchanges with you can make a big difference to your Mentees. The Annual Conference also offers a convenient venue for getting together with your Mentees over coffee or lunch.

How do I end a mentoring relationship?
If the mentoring relationship has already started, but isn't working out, please kindly discuss your decision to end the relationship with your Mentee and notify AAAE. Other than that, all matches have up to 6 months to complete their mentorships before they automatically end in our system.

To be removed from the Mentor Directory for future matches, email

What benefits do I receive from the organization if I participate as a Mentor in the program?
All Mentors are volunteers. As an active program participant, you will receive a ribbon identifying you as a Mentor.


How do I become a Mentee?
If you are a AAAE member, click here to enroll as a Mentee. You will be instructed to choose your preferences for various demographics and also to complete your member profile.

Who are the Mentors?
Mentors are other members who have volunteered their time to support other members' careers.

Can I have more than one Mentor?
Mentees can only have one mentor per session but can participate in as many sessions as you would like.

How do I find a Mentor?
Once you have enrolled as a Mentee, AAAE will send you a list of Mentors to choose from.  You can search through the Mentor Match directory to view Mentors' profiles. Once you have found a good match, you will be instructed to reply to AAAE by a set deadline.

What if the Mentor isn’t the right “fit” for my needs?
Sometimes, regardless of the information provided, Mentors and Mentees don’t always "fit."  If this happens, we suggest that you discuss your decision honestly and kindly with your Mentor; thank them for their time and then notify AAAE to be re-matched in the next session.

Where can I meet with my Mentor?
It is up to you and your Mentor to decide how, when and where you want to pursue your mentoring relationship. It is likely that most of your communication will occur by phone or electronically. The Annual Conference offers a great opportunity to meet in person.

How long does the mentoring relationship last?
You and your Mentor will be matched in our system for 6 months. During this time, you will receive guidance from AAAE and your mentor. We recommend that you and your Mentor agree on a schedule that works best for both of you. The most important thing is to discuss your mutual expectations about time and communication at the start of your relationship.